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Photos: 2009 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show
Brian Baylis, Building, Painting and Restoring Special Bicycles.
   Ciclo Di Cuoio ,Owner Ralph Carnevale That has a busines that is making sewn leather handlebar wrap, in 7 colors in smooth leather and suede, available in 5 more New colors . Cico Di Cuoio is offering a complete, easy to use, kit. They also offer a service where you can send your handlebars to them and they will do the installation. See for details.
Wes Oishi
Wes Oishi owned this bicycle at one time,Wes was really surprised to find find it here at the vintage bicycle Show in San Diego. He said," you never know what you will come across at one of these events". The Bicycle was Built by Brian R Baylis and Mike Howard in Huntington Beach, Ca. With the name Wizard. One of the first ones made, He also has several more of Brians Bicycles, and has one on order now! Wes has a nice collections of  Rare Vintage bikes and Cinelli tandums, originally owned by Jonathan Boyer. 
Brain R Baylis
Wes Oishi
  Ciclo Di Cuoio/Cycle Leather
 Owner: David Ball  1982 Baylis Bicycle that he Rides
  Frame Sets
  Are For Sale

      David Ball and Brain Baylis

  The Classic Look !
On Your Vintage Bicycle !
Ciclo Di Cuoio/ Cycle Leather They offer the Best 100% hand selected leather. They use state of the art computer Designed tools to cut the leather and pre punch holes for the perfect fit and look. It's all made in the USA. The product gives you the chance to Install yourself. To give you that professional look for on that Classic Pro Bicycle. Ciclo Di Cuoio/ Cycle Leather Has packaged a Complete Kit just for that person who wants the best .The kit comes with easy to follow instructions; to install the leather on your Road bicycle or track bike handlebars' as well as 2 stitching needless, black and white thread, so that you can choose the look you desire. One set of Handlebar Plugs as well. The Classic look does The Rest. The best thing of all it retails for a mere $64.99. They are continuing to add new colors to the line.
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San Diego Bicycle Show. Wow, this was an event well worth going to. Brian Baylis presence was one of the more popular builders of the show. In his earlier days, Brian was builder and foreman along with Mario Confente for Masi Bicycle Factory in USA Californa . There were many Masi originals at the show and few Confentes along with even Very Classic Wizard Bicycles built buy Mike Howard and Brian Baylis.

The yellow Vintage Masi bike shown in Photos is drilled out for lightness and unique design. This Bike was the talk of the Show.